Best Rated Shower Head Extension Arms to Buy

A shower head extension arm is an elongation from your shower head to the main piping in the bathroom. There are different designs in the market. The shower head extensions are designed to make it enjoyable for you while in the shower room. You don’t have to bend towards the shower head with the right shower arm extension in place. The extension makes it easy for you to move the shower head to the most appropriate position where you can shower comfortably. The shower head extension differs in their designs and shape. It is for you to compare the different models available in the market so that you can buy the best. The installation process of a shower arm is straightforward. There will be a big difference in your shower room experience upon installing the right shower head.

Benefits of Installing the Best Shower Head Extension Arms

If your current shower arm extension is old, it may have developed several complications. For instance, the buildup of dust particles and minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the piping can lead to poor water pressure when taking a shower. You can improve water flow upon installing the right shower head. Apart from poor water floor, an old shower arm extension in your bathroom can make the shower head look ugly. Modern designs of shower head extension will add appeal to your home. Many homeowners would love to have beautiful looking homes. You too will improve the look of your bathroom significantly upon installing the right shower head extension.

Allows Raising and lowering

There are people of different heights who may be using your bathroom. If the showerhead is fixed, then there are others who may find it uncomfortable. With the modern designs of shower heads, you have the freedom to adjust the height to the perfect level where you can enjoy taking your shower.

Allows more room for taking a perfect shower

The shower head extensions can be moved inwards and outwards from the wall. The extension makes it easy to access enough space in your bathroom so that you can enjoy taking a shower.

Showerhead extension buying guide

Check on the quality

Other people who have bought different shower head extensions will leave reviews. For you to know about the quality of a given shower head extension, it is necessary to check on the reviews which other people offer online from where you can know whether the unit is suitable for you to buy.

Build material

The build material matters a lot when it comes to pricing and quality of the extension. You can get one made of stainless steel, nickel or brass. Consider a finish which matches with your shower head If you have a chrome shower head, then it will be right for you to consider buying a shower head extension which comes in a chrome finish. The set up will look attractive in your home if it matches. Ensure it matches Avoid buying a wide shower head extension yet you have a narrow shower head. It will stress you when trying to fit. Always check on the size of your showerhead before you proceed to order.

Best Rated Shower Head Extension Arms to Buy for 2018

1. Delta Faucet Adjustable Shower Arm

Delta Faucet Adjustable Shower Arm
Delta Faucet Adjustable Shower Arm

It is among the best adjustable shower arm you can access in the market. It comes with a flexible arm so that you can easily move it till you achieve the perfect position for you to take a shower. The chrome finish makes it stay stylish in your bathroom. Some of the features which make the delta faucet shower head extension stand out include the following:

Chrome finish

If you are looking for a system which can stay shiny and stylish in your home, then you need to consider the shower head. Chrome finish will make the shower room look just perfect. It resists the development of stain hence you are sure of long services before you think of a replacement.

Mounts to wall

The installation process is straightforward. You can mount the extension to the wall, and you will be good to go in your installation process.

Adaptable to standard showers

If you have a standard shower in your home, then buying the product will serve you well. It quickly adapts to different shower heads in the market. The easy adaptability to different shower heads makes it an ideal system you can access in the market. It simplifies your installation process. You only have to follow simple installation instruction provided in the packing, and you will be good to go.

Adjustable up and down 18 inches

You need a flexible shower arm which you can easily adjust to your preferred height. The system allows you to adjust it up to 18 inches easily. People of all heights will find it very helpful upon installing it in your home. Apart from homes, you can as well fix it in public bathrooms where people of different heights take showers. Brass Construction Brass is a durable material. The construction is made out of brass to assure you great durability. It will not react with common metals in piped water. If you are after buying a durable unit, then you should consider purchasing the shower head.

 2. Lokby Shower Head Set / Shower Head Extension

Lokby Shower Head Set -Shower Head Extension
Lokby Shower Head Set -Shower Head Extension

There are different sprays from shower heads. The construction features a rainfall shower. It is a set which comes with a shower head and an adjustable the shower arm. If you are after saving money in your shower head extension buying, you can decide to buy it. It perfectly fits hence you reduce the hassle of trying to install a showerhead and an extension arm.

Features of the shower head extension

10-inch Full Brass Adjustable Shower Arm

Lokby comes with a 10-inch adjustable shower arm. The luxury chrome finish makes your home look cool. You can relax and enjoy your shower upon installing the new shower head. It comes in a modern design to make your bathroom look awesome. Corrosion resistant design ensures you have a long lasting unit in your home.

Everything for mounting included

You will take few minutes to have the system working. Everything for mounting is provided in the pack. There are no additional materials required. You just fit it into the standard overhead shower arm, and it will start working.

Real tropical shower experience

The unit has great construction to allow you enjoy rain shower like experience in your bathroom. If you have been looking for ways, you can achieve a tropical shower experience while in your bathroom, and then you need to order the system.

Removable water restrictor

There are times when you would like to save on water hence you use the restrictor. You can as well remove the restrictor in a matter of minutes and enjoy full blast spray from the shower head. You have full control of the shower spray you can access from the unit. The designers took into consideration the comfort you will enjoy when applying the shower head in your daily applications.

Corrosion resistant

It can withstand agents of weather which can contribute towards shower arm damage. For instance, it can withstand salt, heat, acids, and minerals. Rustproof material construction allows you to realize value for your money upon buying the unit. You can use the shower arm indoor as well as outdoor pools.

High-quality materials

The material selection is lightweight. You enjoy a brassy connecter with safe materials in your bathroom. For those planning to replace their old showerheads and extension, the shower extension comes in a set which can save you money in the process.

3. Vida Alegría Solid Brass 18-Inch Shower Arm Extension

Vida Alegría Solid Brass 18-Inch Shower Arm Extension
Vida Alegría Solid Brass 18-Inch Shower Arm Extension

The Vida Alegria reach shower extension can extend up to 18 inches to allow you take the best position when taking a shower. High flow hence you enjoy plenty of sprays while taking a shower. Solid brass construction makes it among the best units in the market. It is straightforward to install; you do not need a lot of tools.

Features of the shower extension

Solid brass

The construction is all metal. There are no corrosive parts. When planning to have a shower head extension which can serve you for long, then you need to think about the shower head. Its non-corrosive metal ensures there is no debris build-up which can lead to restriction of water as you enjoy your shower.

Durable all-metal

There are no plastics in the construction. You access a unit which will serve you for long before you can replace it.

Use with any shower head

The extension can be used with any standard shower head. You can buy it for your family members as gifts if they are undertaking home remodeling projects.

Super easy to install

In a short period, you can have the system up and working. It comes with detailed instructions which are easy to follow. A free Teflon tape included when buying makes it easy for you to install the unit. Precision machined brass with interlocking teeth holds the arm in place. Your shower head will be held in position perfectly so that you can enjoy your shower experience without worry of a falling shower head. It works perfectly just like many kitchen faucets available online for sale.

4. LORDEAR Solid Brass Nickel S Shape Gooseneck Extension Shower Arm

LORDEAR Solid Brass Nickel S Shape Gooseneck Extension Shower Arm
LORDEAR Solid Brass Nickel S Shape Gooseneck Extension Shower Arm

The solid brass shower head extension has several features which make it worth consideration in your shower room. You have up to 17 inches for you to extend the shower head so that you can enjoy the best shower experience. It has a flange to allow you enjoy a perfect rain shower. Some of the benefits you enjoy upon buying the shower extension include the following:

 Made of Solid Brass

It is the best shower head extension arms made out of solid brass. Remember brass is the strong material used to make shower heads and extensions. It can last longer when compared to stainless steel. It is even more durable than zinc. If you are looking for a system which can last long in your home, then you should consider buying the shower head extension.

Comes with shower head and a flange

If you buy the pack, you will as well access a 17-inch shower extension and a flange for you to quickly get started in your new shower head extension installation. Other accessories provided upon buying the shower head extension include an NPT (Tapered) Male Fitting which makes it easy for you to achieve watertight fit during your installation process. Detailed Installation Instructions If you are looking for a system for the DIY project, then the shower head extension can serve you well. It comes with a plumbers tape and detailed instructions on how you can easily install it. You don’t require any special tool for you to install the unit in your bathroom.

5. High Sierra’s Exclusive All-Metal Shower Arm Extension

High Sierra's Exclusive All-Metal Shower Arm Extension
High Sierra’s Exclusive All-Metal Shower Arm Extension

When looking for the best shower head extension arms, you should as well check out the Sierra exclusive all-metal shower arm extension. It is easy to lower and rise when taking your shower. The shower head extension comes in different materials for you to choose your perfect fit. For instance, you can access it in brushed nickel, chrome, polished brass or oil rubbed bronze.

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Why you need to buy High Sierra’s Exclusive Metal Shower Arm Extension

6-inch Shower Arm Extension

You can quickly lower and raise your shower head for up to 6 inches. It can hand held unit which makes it easy for you to enjoy taking your shower. Beautifully crafted Chrome fish and the polish applied to make the shower head extension stand out. When looking for ways you can enhance the look of your bathroom, then you need to think about the unit in your renovation process. It has been engineered to hide your existing shower arm threads easily.

Easy Installation

You don’t need a professional for you to have the unit in place. Follow the instructions provided, and you will have the unit in place within a short period. It easily connects to your standard shower arm without restricting the flow of water. The above are the best shower head extension arms in the market. You will transform your bathroom for good upon installing one of them. They are highly durable and easy to adjust so that each person who uses them can have the right height of a showerhead.